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Smith College--Faculty


Found in 65 Collections and/or Records:

Academic Departments records

Identifier: CA-MS-01010
Overview The collection contains papers of academic departments, including Interdepartmental, Sciences, Languagem, Colloquiu, and Social Sciences. The collection has publications, syllabuses, source notes, department records and memos, photographs, and material on departmental clubs.
Dates of Materials: 1880 - 2014

Ada Louise Comstock papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00015
Overview Acting President of Smith College, Dean of the College of Smith College, Professor of English at Smith College, and President of Radcliffe College. Contains biographical material, correspondence, materials related to professional and volunteer work, and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1897 - 1998

Adelaide Crapsey Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00050
Overview Instructor of English, poet. Contains biographical material, correspondence, and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1913 - 1977

Alfred Vance Churchill Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00079
Overview Professor of Fine Arts. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, material related to museum and art collecting, publications, and teaching materials.
Dates of Materials: 1828 - 1965

Alfred Young Fisher papers

Identifier: MRBC-MS-00031
Overview Alfred Young Fisher was an English professor at Smith College from 1937-1967. He was known in academic circles for his study of James Joyce. His papers include manuscripts of short stories, poems, scholarly studies, proposed movie scripts, extensive notes, journals and diaries, galley proofs, letters and audio tapes.
Dates of Materials: 1903 - 1970

Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz and Morris Lazerowitz papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00101
Overview Professor of Philosophy. Her work on logic, language, skepticism, epistemology, Wittgenstein, and Wittgenstein contemporary G. E. Moore earned her a respected place in 20th-century philosophy. Contains biographical material, course syllabi, unpublished lectures, and publications spanning the later portions of Lazerowitz's career.
Dates of Materials: 1930 - 2001

Annette Marie Garrett papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00396
Overview Assistant Director, School for Social Work. Collection contains albums, forms, obituaries, photographs, and publications documenting the professional work of Annette Marie Garrett.
Dates of Materials: 1928 - 1964

B. Elizabeth Horner papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01172
Overview B. Elizabeth “Betty” Horner was an educator, biologist, advocate for women and science, and a professor at Smith College where she spent her entire professional life. Her papers document her personal and professional life, especially her research on Australian rodents and her correspondence with colleagues, professional organizations, mentees and students, family, and friends.
Dates of Materials: 1886 - 2009; Majority of material found within 1930 - 2005

Benjamin M. Shaub Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00067
Overview Professor, geology. Contains correspondence, research notes, reports, publications and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1921 - 1993

Caroline Brown Bourland Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00040
Overview Professor of French and Spanish. Collection contains biographical materials, correspondence, lecture notes, photographs, and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1893 - 1951

Christine M. Shelton papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00627
Overview Professor, Exercise and Sport Studies. Materials documenting Shelton's work as Smith College professor of Exercise and Sports Studies, as consultant for various girl's and women's sports organizations, and as a presenter at national and international conferences and workshops concerning advocacy for women's sports. Documentation of Shelton's work with the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG), the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women...
Dates of Materials: 1964-2016

Daniel Aaron Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00369
Overview Contains news articles, faculty listings, correspondence, photographs, books, pamphlets and manuscripts documenting the life and work of Daniel Aaron during his professional life at Smith College.
Dates of Materials: 1939 - 1972

Distinguished Visitors Files

Identifier: CA-MS-00005
Overview Contains correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, press releases and photographs about distinguished visitors to Smith College.
Dates of Materials: 1850 - 1998

Dorcas Brigham Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00041
Overview Professor of Botany. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence with Kate Mott Greene Stephenson, photographs, and printed material about Village Hill Nursery.
Dates of Materials: 1914 - 1986; Majority of material found within 1924-1967

Dorothy Wrinch papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00178
Overview Crystallographer, Biochemist, Mathematician, Physicist. Papers contain original manuscripts; models; printed material; publications and writings; notebooks and scrapbooks; as well as extensive correspondence which illuminate her research and views on crystal structure, cyclols, peptides, mineral twins, x-ray methods, insulin, and polyhedra.
Dates of Materials: 1901-1983; Majority of material found within 1919-1975

Edna Rees Williams Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00116
Overview English Professor, Smith College. The majority of the Williams papers concerns her work with foreign students at Smith College. In her capacity as Chair of the Committee on Foreign Students, Williams acted as a mentor and guide to many foreign students who studied at Smith. Additional material relates to her personal life, published work, and the Smith community in general. Types of material includes correspondence, photographs, books, articles, awards, slides, and an audio recording.
Dates of Materials: 1937 - 1992

Eleanor Shipley Duckett Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00057
Overview Professor of Latin, noted philologist and historian. The majority of the Eleanor Shipley Duckett Papers is related to Duckett's professional life and her research, but there is also biographical information and some personal correspondence.
Dates of Materials: 1904 - 1979

Elihu Grant papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00397
Overview Faculty. Collection contains audio recordings, correspondence, news clippings, photographs, publications and a wedding album documenting the professional and family life of Elihu Grant.
Dates of Materials: 1873 - 1948

Elizabeth Kemper Adams Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00372
Overview Contains photographs, newspaper clippings, syllabi and published articles related to the professional life of Elizabeth Kemper Adams.
Dates of Materials: 1899 - 1915

Elliot Offner collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: MRBC-MS-00379
Scope and Contents The Elliot Offner collection consists of ephemera designed by and/or printed by him; also includes sculptures, woodcuts and prints by him; Offner's sculptures, woodcuts and prints; personal papers.-- Box 1: Biographical information about Elliot and Rosemary Offner. Elliot Offner memorial materials. Class syllabus and lecture notes. Smith College stationery (5 items)-- Smith College Commencement programs (13 items)-- Smith College Centennial materials (4 items)-- Smith College exhibitions,...
Dates of Materials: 1960-2010

Ely Chinoy papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00386
Overview Faculty. Department of Sociology. Contains various documents relating to the career of Ely Chinoy at Smith College including correspondence, photographs, news clippings, published works, research, course materials, and programs.
Dates of Materials: 1921 - 1977; Majority of material found within 1953 - 1977

Esther Lowenthal Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00062
Overview Professor, Economics. Contains biographical materials, correspondence, speeches, publications, photographs, and notebooks.
Dates of Materials: 1902 - 1997

Ethel Hale Freeman Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00058
Overview Alumnae, Instructor, drama. Collection contains correspondence, materials related to Lend-a-Hand Dramatic Club, class notes, plays, photographs, and memorabilia.
Dates of Materials: 1882 - 1960

Eunice Chace Greene Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00059
Overview Instructor of Zoology. Collection contains correspondence, sketches and diagrams for Anatomy of a Rat, a lab book created by Greene.
Dates of Materials: 1935 - 1975

F. Warren Wright Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00068
Overview Professor, classics. Contains biographical data, Classical Association of New England bulletins, correspondence, diaries, educational records, lectures, photographs, publications and research.
Dates of Materials: 1880 - 1966

Faculty and staff records

Identifier: CA-MS-01007
Overview College Archives has been collecting material on faculty and staff and their various committees dating back to 1879. The collection includes group photographs, Faculty Who's Who, reports, resumes, new appointment lists, meeting notes, and material on endowed chairs, clubs, shows, and committees.
Dates of Materials: 1907 - 2009

Frank Hamilton Hankins Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00060
Overview Professor of Sociology, demographer, author and lecturer. Collection contains articles, correspondence, written speeches, photographs, minutes from meetings, and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1846 - 1968

George Morrison Fleck papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00390
Overview Professor of Chemistry. Collection contains publications, news clippings, manuscripts, faculty report on student occupation of College Hall, research and photographs from the professional and personal life of George Morrison Fleck.
Dates of Materials: 1961 - 1995

George Warren de Villafranca papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00389
Overview George Warren de Villafranca was born in 1923 and became a professor of Zoology at Smith College. The collection contains publications, research, grant applications, photographs, news clippings, and correspondence documenting his professional life, and graduate theses of his students.
Dates of Materials: 1922 - 1992; Majority of material found within 1951 - 1992

Hallie Flanagan Davis Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00053
Overview Dean, Smith College, Professor of Drama, Head of the Federal Theater Project. Contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs, speeches, and writings.
Dates of Materials: 1911 - 1994