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Certificate from the American Relief for Holland, 1946-04-18

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_80-02_b1408_f002_002

Certificate of appreciation from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1918-10

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_80-02_b1408_f002_001

Christianity and Hellanism, 1924?

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms00102_as752_001

Christmas Party, 1950-62, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms00103_as1176_001

-Circulation Desk, 1911-

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms00104_as3300_001

CK and MK with Werner and Eileen Josten, 1926

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01101_as247132_001

Clark Science Center website

 Digital Record

Clarkes to Give Tea for Former Smith Students

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_80-02_b1412_f056_001

Class Dinner, 1943

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01016_as15762_001

Class of 1879: Chronology, 1875-1879

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01023_as10760_001

Class of 1879: Commencement, 1879

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01023_as10758_001

Class of 1883: Machado, Salomé Amelia, 1885, 1879

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01023_as11161_001

Class of 1885 photograph from Florence Merriam Bailey, 1886

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01023_as339098_001

Class of 1893: Carter, Edith Hovey (Scrapbook, Photo Album), Various dates

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01022_as12406_001

Class of 1893: Groups, 1889-93

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01022_as12208_001

Class of 1893: Presbrey, Laura Edith, 1891, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01022_as12350_001

Class of 1893: Shepard, Clara Alida (Photographs), undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01022_as12362_001

Class of 1901 in front of College Hall

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_80-02_b1592_f006_001

Class of 1927

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390715_001

Class of 1927, Correspondence

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390719_001

Class of 1928

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390720_001

Class of 1929

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390721_001

Class of 1930

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390722_001

Class of 1931

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390723_001

Class of 1932

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390725_001

Class of 1932, 1930-1931

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as420543_001

Class of 1933

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390726_001

Class of 1933, 1932-1933

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as420544_001

Class of 1934

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ca_ms01009_as390727_001

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