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Brazil: Buildings

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_147

Brazil: Classes

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_148

Brazil: Conferences

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_149

Brazil: Local groups and scenes

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_151

Brazil: Program Activities

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_150

Breaking the Fever galleys and drafts

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_758_16s-03_box0016_cd01_filelist

Brigitte Jordan website: "Lifescapes"

 Digital Record
Identifier: ae8f28ee98dbf5e74ce1f851f11fdac1d

British Guiana and Chile, 1951-1959

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_r232_m011

Brochures, 1978-80

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00697_as139167_001

Brochures, application forms,, 1975-80

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00306_as152657_001

Bronx Household Technicians

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00322_as154016_001

Brown, Dr. Harrison, 1956

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00168_as69794_001

Brownsville Clinic at 46 Amboy Street, 1916

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00138_as128043_001

Brush, Dorothy (Editor of IPPF News), 1956

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_ms00168_as69795_001

Buildings, circa 1920-1949

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_r018_m005

Buildings, circa 1959-1970

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_r283_m002

Buildings Committee minutes and reports, 1920-1933

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_r347_m004


 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_152

Bulgaria, circa 1921-1939

 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_r049_m001


 Digital Record
Identifier: smith_ssc_324_digital_object_153

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