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042. Smith College faculty - individuals

 Record Group
Identifier: 042

Found in 202 Collections and/or Records:

Ada Louise Comstock papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00015
Overview Acting President of Smith College, Dean of the College of Smith College, Professor of English at Smith College, and President of Radcliffe College. Contains biographical material, correspondence, materials related to professional and volunteer work, and photographs.
Dates: 1897 - 1998

Adelaide Crapsey Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00050
Overview Instructor of English, poet. Contains biographical material, correspondence, and publications.
Dates: 1913 - 1977

Adrienne Auerswald papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00376
Overview Adrienne Aurswald entered the music program at Smith College in 1939 and graduated in 1943. She returned to Smith to teach in 1957. In 1962, Auerswald earned her Master's degree and became a faculty member. The collection contains her photograph albums and memorabilia books from her time as a Smith College student as well as committee files from when she was a faculty memeber.
Dates: 1936 - 1979

Agnes Hunt Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00155
Overview Professor of History and poet. Contains biographical material, correspondence, poetry, photographs, publications and tributes.
Dates: 1897 - 1946; Majority of material found within 1900-1923

Albert Francis Blakeslee Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00039
Overview Professor of Botany and Director of the Smith College Genetics Experiment Station. Contains publications and manuscripts of seminars and talks.
Dates: 1904 - 1979

Alfred Vance Churchill Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00079
Overview Professor of Fine Arts. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, material related to museum and art collecting, publications, and teaching materials.
Dates: 1828 - 1965

Alfred Young Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00160
Overview The papers contain Alfred Young's files on the production of William Shakespeare's plays The Merchant of Venice, Merry Wives of Windsor, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night.
Dates: 1890 - 1935

Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz and Morris Lazerowitz papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00101
Overview Professor of Philosophy. Her work on logic, language, skepticism, epistemology, Wittgenstein, and Wittgenstein contemporary G. E. Moore earned her a respected place in 20th-century philosophy. Contains biographical material, course syllabi, unpublished lectures, and publications spanning the later portions of Lazerowitz's career.
Dates: 1930 - 2001

Alice Dickinson papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01188
Overview Alice Dickinson was Professor of Mathematics at Smith College from 1960-1986 and Dean of the College from 1973-1976. Her papers contain her work while Professor of Mathematics and Dean of the College at Smith College and include personal papers, class lists, teaching materials, examinations, committee work, correspondence, math department files, and Dean's Office material.
Dates: 1961 - 1977

Anna Alice Cutler Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00052
Overview Class of 1885, Professor of Philosophy. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, critiques, photographs and publications.
Dates: 1864 - 1957

Annetta Isabel Clark Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00048
Overview Class of 1904, Secretary to the Smith College President (1909-46) and to the Smith College Board of Trustees (1919-1952). Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, and photographs.
Dates: 1891 - 1961

Annette Marie Garrett papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00396
Overview Assistant Director, School for Social Work. Collection contains albums, forms, obituaries, photographs, and publications documenting the professional work of Annette Marie Garrett.
Dates: 1928 - 1964

Arthur Henry Pierce Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00340
Overview Professor of psychology. Contains research, lecture notes, and photographs.
Dates: 1900 - 1914

Arthur Taber Jones papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00394
Overview Faculty. Professor of Physics. Contains correspondence, course materials, notes, research, reprints, and a scrapbook compiled by the Department of Physics in 1951.
Dates: 1876 - 1951; Majority of material found within 1919 - 1950

Arthur Ware Locke papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01135
Overview Arthur Ware Locke was Professor of Music at Smith College from 1915 to 1952. His papers contain correspondence, compositions, publications, photographs, and news clippings documenting his work.
Dates: 1927 - 2000

Benjamin M. Shaub Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00067
Overview Professor, geology. Contains correspondence, research notes, reports, publications and photographs.
Dates: 1921 - 1993

Beulah Strong Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00334
Overview Professor of Art. Contains biographical information, correspondence, and photographs.
Dates: 1888 - 1938

Caroline Brown Bourland Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00040
Overview Professor of French and Spanish. Collection contains biographical materials, correspondence, lecture notes, photographs, and publications.
Dates: 1893 - 1951

Caroline Heminway Kierstead papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00140
Overview This collection documents the research insterests, professional career and personal life of Caroline Heminway Kierstead, a professor of geology at Smith College. Materials include correspondence, publications, diaries, and photographs.
Dates: 1923 - 1985

Caryl M. Newhof papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01165
Overview Caryl M. Newhof was a Professor of Exercise and Sport Studies at Smith. Her papers contain Physical Education department and course material, coaching and teaching and reference material, personal papers, camp material, historical papers (non-Smith), Hampshire County Hockey Club, American Physical Education Association, and National Coalition on Women's Athletics material, Interterm Committee, Graduate Committee, Riding Advisory Committee, Ainsworth Building Committee, and Reappointment...
Dates: 1919 - 1990

Cecelia M. Kenyon papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01175
Overview Cecelia M. Kenyon was a professor of government at Smith College for 36 years. The Cecelia M. Kenyon papers are made up primarily of Dr. Kenyon's professional papers including annotated books and other research materials, notes and drafts of writing projects, and planning and resource materials for her classes at Smith.
Dates: 1940 - 2005

D. Dennis Hudson papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01173
Overview D. Dennis Hudson (1938-2006) was Professor of World Religions at Smith College from 1970 until his retirement in 2000. His papers mainly consist of research files, as well as notes, papers, and class materials.
Dates: 1970 - 2000

Daniel Aaron Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00369
Overview Contains news articles, faculty listings, correspondence, photographs, books, pamphlets and manuscripts documenting the life and work of Daniel Aaron during his professional life at Smith College.
Dates: 1939 - 1972

Daniel Horowitz papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01099
Overview Daniel Horowitz is a historian whose work focuses on the history of consumer culture and social criticism in the U.S. He taught at Smith College and directed the school's American Studies program for 18 years. These papers contain professional papers including correspondence, research, and reviews related to several of Horowitz's books.
Dates: 1940 - 2013

Diana Edgerton Fetter Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00149
Overview News Director of Smith College. Collection contains biographical material, personal journals, publications, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Dates: 1939 - 1992

Donald L. Robinson papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01180
Overview Donald L. Robinson was professor of government at Smith College from 1966 into the 2000's. He taught courses on the presidency, political parties and constitutional history and authored numerous articles and several books, including one on Japan's constitution. The collection contains his personal and professional papers, including articles, papers and reports written by Robinson, and conference and teaching materials.
Dates: 1943 - 2005

Dorcas Brigham Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00041
Overview Professor of Botany. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence with Kate Mott Greene Stephenson, photographs, and printed material about Village Hill Nursery.
Dates: 1914 - 1986; Majority of material found within 1924-1967

Doris Silbert papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01151
Overview Professor of music and dean at Smith College. Contains musical programs, ID cards, correspondence, student notebooks, news clippings, photographs, publications, course notes, and memorials from her life.
Dates: 1919 - 1984

Dorothy Sears Ainsworth papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00300
Overview Dorothy Sears Ainsworth was Professor and Director of Physical Education at Smith College. The papers contain biographical material, speeches, lectures, organizational notes and correspondence, student papers, subject files, publications, photographs, and awards.
Dates: 1916-1975

Dorothy Stahl papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00145
Overview Dorothy Stahl was a Professor of Music and singer. The collection contains diaries, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, and sound recordings.
Dates: 1915-2003; Majority of material found within 1925-1999