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042. Smith College faculty - individuals

 Record Group
Identifier: 042

Found in 202 Collections and/or Records:

Howard Madison Parshley Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00064
Overview Professor, zoology, translator, The Second Sex. Contains, biographical information, articles, correspondence, photographs, published works, notes and translations. Notable correspondents include Adelaide Cromwell and Margaret Sanger.
Dates of Materials: 1913 - 1991

Howard Nenner papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01104
Overview Howard Nenner is the Roe/Straut Professor Emeritus in the Humanities at Smith College. He taught history at Smith from 1968 until his retirement in 2006. This collection consists primarily of Nenner's papers during the time he taught history at Smith and include correspondence and research materials.
Dates of Materials: 1968 - 2006

Howard Rollin Patch papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01141
Overview Contains correspondence, photographs, news articles, and publications by Howard Rollin Patch, professor of English, 1919-1957.
Dates of Materials: 1914 - 2009

Ida Deck Haigh papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01170
Overview Ida Deck Haigh, a concert pianist and an associate professor of music at Smith College. Her papers include research materials on music, concert programs, memorabilia for scrapbooks, correspondence and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1910 - 1989

Individual faculty papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01008
Overview The collection contains the personal and professional papers of individual faculty members.
Dates of Materials: 1875 - 2018

Inez Whipple Wilder Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00405
Overview Contains news clippings, photographs, research and publications from Inez Whipple Wilder's professional papers.
Dates of Materials: 1871 - 1988

Irving Kaufman papers

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: CA-MS-01190
Overview Irving Kaufman, M.D. was a teacher at Smith College School for Social Work for 40 years and at Harvard Medical School for 25 years. He had a practice in psychiatry and wrote books and articles on such subjects as delinquincy and schizophrenia. His papers contain work done at Smith, including correspondence, informational memos, lecture notes, and teaching materials.
Dates of Materials: 1951-1985; 1968 - 1982; 1982 - 1985

Iva Dee Hiatt papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00281
Overview Iva Dee Hiatt was Professor of Music at Smith College. The collection contains biographical material, course material, correspondence, performance material, audio tapes and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1890 - 1980

Ivan T. Gorokhoff Family papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00151
Overview Ivan Timofeevich Gorokhoff was born in Leschinskaya, Russia on November 14, 1879. He was music director at Smith College from 1918-1945. The collection contains documents related to family matters and Gorokhoff's musical career.
Dates of Materials: 1902 - 1991

Jaap Diedrick Snoek Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00099
Overview Professor of Psychology, Smith College. Papers include professional correspondence, research files, publications and photographs that document his career as a psychologist. In addition, personal correspondence and biographical information are also available in the papers.
Dates of Materials: 1931 - 1994; Majority of material found within 1968-1993

Jean S. Wilson Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00404
Overview Contains correspondence, brochures, photographs, and news clippings from the papers of Jean S. Wilson, Professor of History 1927-1968.
Dates of Materials: 1924 - 1993

Jeanne Powell papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01179
Overview Jeanne Powell was a professor of Biological Sciences at Smith College from 1967 to 1996. Her papers contain work in the study and teaching of biology during these 30 years. A majority of the material consist of research notebooks, grant files, and cell photographs mostly pertaining to her study of the causes and effects of muscular dystrophy.
Dates of Materials: 1967 - 2002

Jennette Perry Lee Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00033
Overview Biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, writings, etc., of Jennette Barbour Perry Lee, professor of English at Smith College and author.
Dates of Materials: 1875 - 1946

Jere Abbott papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00370
Overview This collection contains photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and drawings related to the professional and personal life of Jere Abbott, Director of the Smith College Museum of Art from 1932 until 1946.
Dates of Materials: 1932 - 1982

Joachim Stieber papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01182
Overview Joachim Stieber was professor of history at Smith College from 1974 until the 1990's. His papers contain his work at Smith and include selected readings for courses, Junior Year Abroad (Geneva) materials, and assistant professor files..
Dates of Materials: 1951 - 1992

Joan Hatch Lennox papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01133
Overview Joan Hatch Lennox was born in Oslo, Norway in 1926. She became a social worker and in 1969 became Associate Professor at the Smith College School of Social Work and chair of the Social Policy Sequence. In 1979, Lennox became Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and received her M.F.A in Dance/Theatre at Smith College. Her papers contain various articles and books that she wrote while at Smith.
Dates of Materials: 1969 - 1991

Jochanan Wijnhoven papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01185
Overview Jochanan Wijnhoven was professor of religion and biblical literature at Smith College from 1963 until the late 1980's. He taught courses in Jewish history, mysticism and thought; Judeo-Christian relations; introductory Hebrew; biblical, post-biblical and medieval Hebrew texts; eastern religious traditions; and western and eastern Christianity. His papers contain both professional and personal work, including journals, files on Israel, Hartford College files, and speaker files.
Dates of Materials: 1940 - 1988

John Coffey Hildt Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00153
Overview Professor of History and Associate Editor of Smith College Studies in History. Contains biographical materials, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1906 - 1938

John J. Conway papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01084
Overview John James Conway, a professor of history and decorated World War II veteran, was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1916. He was the husband of Jill Ker Conway, the first female president of Smith College. The collection includse materials regarding John Conway's personal and professional life including correspondence with his wife, Jill Ker Conway, his education at Harvard, speeches, writings, publications inscribed to Conway and World War II photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1940 - 1994

John Spencer Bassett Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00380
Overview Professor of History. Collection contains professional papers, correspondence, news clippings and photographs belonging to John Spencer Bassett.
Dates of Materials: 1867 - 1990; Majority of material found within 1895 - 1990

John Tappan Stoddard Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00321
Overview Professor of physics 1878-1880, professor of chemistry 1880-1919. Contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs, and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1877 - 2001

Josephine Adelaide Clark Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00139
Overview A member of the second graduating class, Class of 1880, and Librarian at Smith College from 1907-19. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, personal journals, photographs, and newspaper clippings.
Dates of Materials: 1876 - 1979

Julia Harwood Caverno Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00043
Overview The collection documents the life and career of Julia Harwood Caverno, as a member of the Greek Department.
Dates of Materials: 1885 - 1949

Julia Warner papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01156
Overview This collection contains photographs, news clippings, scrapbooks, and forms from the professional files of Julia Warner, who served as head of Lamont, 150 Elm, 8 Bedford, and graduate housing at Smith College from 1955 to 1966.
Dates of Materials: 1955 - 1981

Julius Seelye Bixler Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00038
Overview Professor of Religion at Smith College and later President of Colby College. Contains correspondence, biographical information, lecture notes, photographs, publications and writings spanning Bixler's career.
Dates of Materials: 1919 - 1985

K. Frances Scott papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01149
Overview K. Frances Scott came to Smith in 1919 as Assistant Physician, a position she held until 1927 when she became Professor of Hygiene. She retired in 1955. Her papers contain legal and financial documents, news clippings, publications, research, speeches, awards, photographs, correspondence, syllabi, and biographies.
Dates of Materials: 1924 - 1969

Karen Pfeifer papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01106
Overview Karen Pfeifer is a professor emeritas of economics at Smith College. Her papers includes materials from Professor Pfeifer's Smith classes on economics as well as writings and other professional papers.
Dates of Materials: 1975 - 2005

Karl Scott Putnam Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00347
Overview Professor of Architecture. Contains correspondence, clippings, notes, publications, syllabi, sketches, and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1910 - 1978

Kate Sanborn Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00113
Overview The Kate Sanborn Papers contain biographical material, personal correspondence, lecture notes, publications and photographs. Among her publications are two verse collections, Grandma's Garden and Purple and Gold as well as a complete set of the Round Table of English Literature series. Photographs include portraits of Sanborn while she was a professor at Smith College and scenes of daily life...
Dates of Materials: 1878 - 1996

Katherine Elizabeth McClellan Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00141
Overview The Katherine Elizabeth McClellan Papers contain biographical information, newspaper clippings, a small amount of correspondence, a scrapbook and photographs documenting McClellan's career as a professional photographer in Saranac Lake, New York, Northampton, Massachusetts, and later Sarasota, Florida.
Dates of Materials: 1878 - 1996; Majority of material found within 1904-1918