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042. Smith College faculty - individuals

 Record Group
Identifier: 042

Found in 202 Collections and/or Records:

Mary Pardee Allison Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00373
Overview Contains photograph albums, memorabilia books, music programs, newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to student and professional life of Mary Pardee Allison.
Dates of Materials: 1898 - 1950

Massimo Salvadori Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00118
Overview The Massimo Salvadori Papers document his commitment to freedom and anti-fascism. The bulk of the materials consist of copies of the shorter publications as well as annotated manuscripts for a number of his other works. Other materials include biographical material, Smith College faculty photographs, publications, typewritten manuscripts and galley proofs, course materials for Smith College history classes, and correspondence related to the School for Freedom seminars.
Dates of Materials: 1908 - 1993; Majority of material found within 1952-1972

Michael O. Albertson papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01094
Overview Michael O. Albertson (1946-2009) was the  L. Clark Seelye Professor of Mathematics at Smith College, where he taught for 37 years. These papers contain lectures and research materials from Professor Albertson's scholarly work in mathmatics, as well as class materials and student files. There are also grant materials, posters pertaining to lectures and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1968 - 2002

Milton Soffer papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01181
Overview Milton David Soffer taught chemistry at Smith for 43 years, focusing mainly on organic chemistry. Along with department and course material, his papers include technical papers, research reports, and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1935 - 1992

Mina Kirstein Curtiss Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00047
Overview Class of 1918, Professor of English, author. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, examinations, lectures, publications, and student papers.
Dates of Materials: 1915 - 1983; Majority of material found within 1918-1945

Mira Bigelow Wilson Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00403
Overview Contains correspondence, news clippings, photographs, journals, and speeches from the student and professional papers of Mira Bigelow Wilson.
Dates of Materials: 1912 - 1953

Myra M. Sampson Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00311
Overview Professor of Zoology. Contains correspondence, clippings, notes, reports, and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1888 - 1984

Myron Glazer papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01098
Overview The collection documents the professional work of Myron Glazer, Smith College professor of Sociology and Jewish Studies from 1965-2006, chair of the Sociology Department (1974-1984, 1996), co-director of the Project on Women and Social Change, co-director of Jewish Studies, and member of the graduate faculty at the University of Massachusetts. Particularly well documented is Myron and Penina Glazer's research in the sociology of whistle blowing and of environmental activism. Also included in...
Dates of Materials: 1946 - 2010

Neal McCoy papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00342
Overview Neal McCoy was a professor of mathematics. The papers contain correspondence, course materials, photographs, programs for awards, publications, and the diaries of his wife Ardis Hollingsworth McCoy.
Dates of Materials: 1921 - 2001

Nelly Schargo Hoyt papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00061
Overview The Nelly Schargo Hoyt papers contain class materials, notes, alumnae college sessions, student projects, correspondence, writings, personal documents, and photographs related to Professor Hoyt.
Dates of Materials: 1937 - 1994

Newton Arvin papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00036
Overview Faculty. Professor of English Language and Literature from 1922 - 1960. Arrested in 1959 on charges of moral turpitude for possesing pictures of male models that were considered pornographic, he pled guilty to the charges and was retired from Smith College by the Board of Trustees in 1960.
Dates of Materials: 1900 - 2001; Majority of material found within 1924 - 1963

Nina Elizabeth Browne Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00384
Overview Class of 1882. Librarian. Founder of the College Archives. Collection cContains news clippings, correspondence, essays, photographs, publications, and financial records documenting the student and professional experiences of Nina Browne.
Dates of Materials: 1860 - 1956; Majority of material found within 1878 - 1954

Nola Reinhardt papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01107
Overview Nola Reinhardt was an associate professor of economics at Smith College until her death in 2015. Her papers consists primarily of department proposals pertaining to economics and international studies, thesis research, and committee reports.
Dates of Materials: 1977 - 2013

Oliver Larkin collection

Identifier: CA-MS-01207
Overview This collection includes original writings and sketches by Larkin as well as correspondence from artists and art professionals in the mid-twentieth century. Oliver Waterman Larkin was an American art historian, educator, artist, and recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for History for his non-fiction book, Life and Art in America (Rinehart, 1949).
Dates of Materials: 1919 - 1961

Patricia Parks Butterfield Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00385
Overview Alumna, Class of 1922. Contains news releases and correspondence documenting the career and retired life of Patricia Parks Butterfield.
Dates of Materials: 1901 - 1987; Majority of material found within 1952 - 1987

Paul Robert Lieder Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00159
Overview This collection includes correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and publications relating to Paul Robert Lieder's education and career at Smith College and elsewhere.
Dates of Materials: 1908 - 1965

Peter Rose papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01109
Overview Peter Rose is professor emeritus of sociology and anthropology at Smith, where he began his career in 1960. Through the decades, he conducted research in the field of racial and ethnic relations, and was involved in the study of U.S. refugee policy in the 1980's and early 1990's. His papers contain his research and departmental material while professor of sociology and anthropology at Smith. Included are material on refugee policy studies and reports, Afro-American studies, coeducation studies,...
Dates of Materials: 1967 - 1992

Phoebe C. Mulford Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00345
Overview Head of Hubbard House. Contains correspondence, clippings, and flyers.
Dates of Materials: 1915 - 1934

Phyllis Williams Lehmann and Karl Lehmann papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01155
Overview Both Phyllis and Karl Lehmann were noted archaeologists, Phyllis working as professor of archaeology at Smith College for many decades and Karl becoming the William A. Neilson Professor at Smith College in 1959. Their papers consist of both personal and professional material, including lectures, writings, research, photographs, books, biographhical data, correspondence, and material on the Samothrace excavation.
Dates of Materials: 1776 - 2005

Richard A. Rice papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00324
Overview Richard A. Rice was a professor of English at Smith College. His papers contain biographical material, correspondence, course materials, writings and photographs.
Dates of Materials: 1879 - 1955

Richard P. Unsworth Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00365
Overview Chaplain of the College and Professor of Religion. Contains biographical material, correspondence, photographs, speeches, and writings.
Dates of Materials: 1880 - 2014; Majority of material found within 1945 - 2000

Richard White papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01167
Overview Richard White was Professor of Astronomy at Smith College from 1974 until 2001. His papers contain his work in the department, including memos, meeting minutes, budget information, scientific papers, Five College Astronomy Department material, and binders of teaching materials by class.
Dates of Materials: 1959 - 2002

Robert Withington papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01126
Overview Robert Withington was a professor of English at Smith College. These papers contain biographical material, correspondence, photographs, poetry, speeches, publications, and books.
Dates of Materials: 1912 - 1954

Roger Miller papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01139
Overview Roger Miller was a lecturer and Research Supervisor at the Smith School of Social Work in the late 1950's, until taking a position permanently at Smith as Director of Research in 1960. In 1967, he took the position of Director of the Program of Advanced study, a position he held until he retired in 1996. His papers contain Miller's professional papers, including correspondence, committee minutes, brochures, grants, and research evaluations.
Dates of Materials: 1964 - 1992

Ronald Perera Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00074
Overview Papers include a small amount of biographical material on Perera, such as his career summary and resume, reviews, flyers and programs, photographs and newspaper articles. The majority of the materials are musical manuscripts of works by Perera.
Dates of Materials: 1941 - 2002

Ruth A. Solie papers

Identifier: CA-MS-01110
Overview Ruth A. Solie is Sophia Smith Professor Emerita of Music at Smith College. This collection is comprised of her professional papers including class materials, writings, reviews, and lectures.
Dates of Materials: 1978 - 2009

Ruth E. Young Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00401
Overview Contains correspondence, news clippings, photographs, publications, pamphlets, Rations books, curriculum vitae, certificates and invitations from the professional papers of Ruth E. Young, Professor of Italian.
Dates of Materials: 1925 - 1983

Ruth Lee Kennedy papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00157
Overview The papers of Ruth Lee Kennedy contain material related to her career at Smith College and the University of Arizona as professor of Spanish literature and her distinguished career as a scholar of Spanish literature's Golden Age (17th century), especially the works of Tirso de Molina.
Dates of Materials: 1900 - 1989; Majority of material found within 1930-1988

Ruth Swan Clark Papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00147
Overview Class of 1909 and Professor of Psychology. Collection contains biographical material, correspondence, a personal diary, photographs, newspaper clippings, academic materials and publications.
Dates of Materials: 1905 - 1949

Senda Berenson papers

Identifier: CA-MS-00037
Overview Senda Berenson, Smith College's Director of the Gymnasium and Instructor of Physical Culture, introduced the first rules of women's basketball and organized the first women's college basketball game. Her papers contain biographical articles, news clippings, notebooks, correspondence, lecture notes, photographs, and published writings and materials related to her induction into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and other honors.
Dates of Materials: 1892 - 2006; Majority of material found within 1897-1915