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Women -- Health and hygiene

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 39 Collections and/or Records:

Adaline Pendleton Satterthwaite papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00519

Physician; Birth control advocate. The papers include extensive correspondence, diaries, medical records and reports, photographs, writings, and subject files pertaining to Satterthwaite's career as a physican, birth control pioneer, and internationally renowned expert in family planning. The collection is rich in materials documenting Satterthwaite's work in family planning in Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China.

Dates of Materials: 1917-2005; Majority of material found within 1917-2003

Alliance Against Women's Oppression records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00699
Abstract International women of color organization, Welfare rights activists, Reproductive rights and Women's health advocates. The Records are primarily related to the Bay Area Chapter of the Alliance and contain documents that articulate and demonstrate the challenges of developing a revolutionary mass organization through position and discussion papers, drafts, and publications produced by the Alliance. There is abundant documentation of the processes of coalition and social investigation that...
Dates of Materials: 1980-1989

Birth control collection

Identifier: SSC-MS-00451

This small collection is comprised of mostly books, plus some pamphlets, flyers, and other. Documents uses and misuses of contraception; family planning; sex in marriage; sex instruction; histories of the treatment of contraception by the church; population problems; fertility; and sterility.

Dates of Materials: 1923-2000

Business and professional women, 1927-1939

 File — Box 1: Series 1; Series 2 [Barcode: 310183630155991], Reel: 21, microdex: 4
Scope and Contents

Issues of "The Program Exchange" and its predecessor, "The Exchange Sheet." The publications were used by the YWCA of the U.S.A. National Council of Business and Professional Women to communicate programming ideas and methods to local or regional association secretaries. In addition, the newsletter provides updates of the activities of local associations, reports on internal and related external conferences and gives advice for implementing projects and programming. 

Dates of Materials: 1927-1939

Business and professional women, 1923-1927

 File — Box 1: Series 1; Series 2 [Barcode: 310183630155991], Reel: 22, microdex: 1
Scope and Contents

Issues of "The Exchange Sheet," the predecessor to "The Program Exchange." The publication is used by the YWCA of the U.S.A. National Council of Business and Professional Women to communicate programming ideas and methods to local or regional association secretaries. In addition, the newsletter provides updates of the activities of local associations, reports on internal and related external conferences, and gives advice for implementing projects and programming. 

Dates of Materials: 1923-1927

Business and professional women, circa 1923-1949

 File — Box 1: Series 1; Series 2 [Barcode: 310183630155991], Reel: 22, microdex: 2
Scope and Contents Documents concerning YWCA of the U.S.A. Business and Professional Women Department. A cooperative program with the Jewish Welfare Board concerns the problems faced by married women in the workforce. Following this material are various reports analyzing the program and mission of the department's work with employed woman including work with the rising white collar worker. Other materials include program guides and ideas, pamphlets and other planning materials. In addition, documents include...
Dates of Materials: circa 1923-1949

Christine M. Shelton papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00627
Abstract Professor, Exercise and Sport Studies. Materials documenting Shelton's work as Smith College professor of Exercise and Sports Studies, as consultant for various girl's and women's sports organizations, and as a presenter at national and international conferences and workshops concerning advocacy for women's sports. Documentation of Shelton's work with the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG), the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women...
Dates of Materials: 1951 - 2019

Committee on Women, Population and the Environment records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00768

The collection contains the business records of the Committee on Women, Population,& the Environment (CWPE), a multi-racial alliance that works on the local, regional, national, and international levels to oppose population control policies that blame overpopulation for poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and political volatility.

Dates of Materials: 1979 - 2012

DES Action USA records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00739

DES Action USA is a national consumer advocacy group, whose mission is to educate and raise awareness about diethylstilbestrol (DES), an oral synthetic estrogen drug; and support and advocate for the DES-exposed population. The DES Action USA records are primarily comprised of materials documenting the activities, programs, and projects of the organization.

Dates of Materials: 1939-2016; Majority of material found within 1975-2014

Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00367
Abstract The Eastern Association for Physical Education of College Women (EAPECW) was founded in 1915 by various women directors of physical training from colleges in New England. This collection of EAPECW records documents the history and activities of the organization, as well as the establishment and development of physical education as a profession and as an academic discipline. Materials include photographs, correspondence and memorabilia. Topics covered include the benefits of physical...
Dates of Materials: Majority of material found within 1950-1992; 1910 - 2002

Emma Elizabeth Walker papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00169

Physician; Children's author; Anti-suffragist; Birth control advocate; and Public health advocate. Papers consist primarily of Walker's writings and lectures, but also contain small amounts of biographical material and correspondence; plus information on women's health, the social and moral hygiene movements, turn-of-the-century childrearing practices, birth control and sexuality.

Dates of Materials: 1887 - 1954

Emma France Ward papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00170
Abstract Public health specialist and personnel manager. The strength of this collection is its documentation of Ward's career as a woman government bureaucrat during a period in which governmental influence in the regulation of industry increased dramatically. It is also a rich source of information about women workers, especially those in the shipbuilding industry during the World War II period. Materials include correspondence; articles written by Ward about the health and safety of women workers;...
Dates of Materials: 1922-66

Grace Loucks Elliott papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00604

YWCA executive, Author, Lecturer. Papers primarily document her work with the YWCA. Nearly half of the volume is the contents of three looseleaf notebooks compiled by Elliott entitled "My Fifty Years with the Y.W.C.A., 1917-53," which includes a narrative, photographs, correspondence, reports, and memorabilia. The rest of the papers consist of speeches and writings by Elliott plus a small amount of general biographical information.

Dates of Materials: 1918-1966

Health, circa 1908-1950

 File — Box 2: Series 2; Series 3 [Barcode: 310183630156023], Reel: 97, microdex: 2
Scope and Contents Documents concerning topics of health in the YWCA of the U.S.A. including health examination policies, mental hygiene, nurses work, Olympic games, shoe campaign, social education, social education in Labrador, the Women's foundation for health and miscellaneous pamphlets. Olympic materials address the matter of women participating in the international games as well as the United States' participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympic games under the Nazi regime. The shoe campaign describes aspects...
Dates of Materials: circa 1908-1950

Health: Community association programs , circa 1920-1999

 File — Box 1031: Series 1 [Barcode: 310183630387529], Folder: 18
Scope and Contents

Photographs highlighting the health and health education programs of local YWCA of the USA associations. Photographed programs include, health exams, an immunization clinic, nursing students at the Hannah Harrison School, an education program for teenage mothers, and first aid training.

Dates of Materials: circa 1920-1999

Health education, circa 1915-1949

 File — Box 2: Series 2; Series 3 [Barcode: 310183630156023], Reel: 97, microdex: 1
Scope and Contents Lessons, activities, directives, activities, and more relating to social, mental, and physical health in the YWCA of the U.S.A. Pamphlets discuss the importance of various aspects of health education, illustrate specific suggested activities, address physical and health education in young girls, offer training programs for leaders including a graduate program, and communicate the health education program. Other materials report on the health education program, provide communication from the...
Dates of Materials: circa 1915-1949

Health: ENCOREplus , circa 1970-1999

 File — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Photographs of the ENCOREplus program including national program, community association programs, and receptions for the Breast Cancer Awareness postage stamp. Photographed national program focus mainly on conferences, receptions and special events while community association photographs include art displays, leadership training, exercise programs, booths and displays, mobile mammography screening, post-mastectomy support groups, walks and races, and therapy. Art displays include images from...
Dates of Materials: circa 1970-1999

Health: Feet and shoes , circa 1920-1929, circa 1960-1969

 File — Box 1031: Series 1 [Barcode: 310183630387529], Folder: 20
Scope and Contents

Photographs promoting and demonstrating foot health and sensible footwear.

Dates of Materials: circa 1920-1929; circa 1960-1969

Health: International Conference of Women Physicians , 1919

 File — Box 1031: Series 1 [Barcode: 310183630387529], Folder: 19
Scope and Contents

Photographs and clippings concerning the 1919 International Conference of Women Physicians. The conference was held in New York City "at the invitation of the YWCA of the USA."

Dates of Materials: 1919

Health: National program , circa 1910-1989

 File — Box 1031: Series 1 [Barcode: 310183630387529], Folder: 17
Scope and Contents

Photographs highlighting national health and health education programs of the YWCA of the USA. Photographed activities include leadership training sessions, recreation as physical fitness, physical fitness classes, and health education programs.

Dates of Materials: circa 1910-1989

Industrial conferences, 1930-1935

 File — Box 2: Series 2; Series 3 [Barcode: 310183630156023], Reel: 104, microdex: 2
Scope and Contents Proceedings, minutes, reports, and correspondence concerning southern region industrial conferences. Conference materials provide an overview of industrial club administration and organization for the conference year as well as reports on methods and programming employed to achieve club goals. Administrative information may include conference planning as well as lists of leaders speakers and committee members. Often, analysis is given as to the success of the conference and it's activities....
Dates of Materials: 1930-1935

International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women. U.S. Branch records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00529

International athletic association. The International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women Records at Smith represent the U.S. branch of the organization. The collection includes histories, including information about Dorothy Ainsworth; documents pertaining to various IAPESGW congresses and conventions; and IAPESGW bulletins, newsletters, and reports.

Dates of Materials: 1948 - 2001

Jennifer M. Guglielmo papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00515
Abstract Historian; Professor; Reproductive rights advocate. Papers consist of senior thesis, "The Community Health Representative Program: Two Decades of American Indian Women's Health Activism" and related materials, including taped interviews with Native American women and men who were active in redesigning health care throughout Wisconsin's Indian reservations, 1970s-1980s. There are also files relating to her involvement in the Collective for Feminist and Socialist Alternatives and Defend...
Dates of Materials: 1988 - 2005

Luz Rodriguez papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00539
Abstract Reproductive rights advocate. Papers include organization, conference, and symposia materials; appointment books; writings; educational records; correspondence; photographs; and memorabilia. They document Rodriguez's many professional activities, especially her activism in health and education for women of color, including SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective and the Latina Roundtable on Health and Reproductive Rights. In addition they document her activities on behalf of...
Dates of Materials: 1945-2006; Majority of material found within 1968-2006

Margaret Sanger papers

Identifier: SSC-MS-00138
Abstract Birth control advocate and nurse. Sanger, a sex reform activist, fought for women's rights to use contraceptives and founded both the national and international Planned Parenthood Federations. Papers include correspondence, writings, organizational and conference materials documenting her leadership of the American and international birth control movements. Also included are records of activities and events related to Sanger's personal life, tributes, travels, art work, family materials,...
Dates of Materials: 1761 - 1995; Majority of material found within 1900-1966

Margaret Sanger Research Bureau records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00320
Abstract The Margaret Sanger Research Bureau (MSRB) operated under numerous names and parent organizations from 1923 to 1974, providing birth control and infertility clinical services to thousands of patients, and serving as a site for medical research and education on these topics. The MSRB records contain correspondence, printed material, clippings, books, glass slides, films, and a library of 59 books on birth control, sexuality, marriage, family, and related topics. Of particular interest are...
Dates of Materials: 1815 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1917-1969

Ms. Magazine records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00362

The collection contains the office files of Ms. Magazine, a magazine edited, published, and written by women, focusing on women's issues and the women's movement, including fiction, poetry, readers' letters, and "No Comment" column on sexist journalism and ads.

Dates of Materials: 1907 - 2022; Majority of material found within 1965 - 1996

National Women's Health Network records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00360
Abstract Non-profit women's health advocacy organization focusing on the diversity of women's experiences; advocating women's self-determination in all aspects of their reproductive and sexual health; establishing universal health care that meets the needs of diverse women; monitoring the actions of federal regulatory and funding agencies, industry, and health care professions; providing women with objective health information from a feminist viewpoint; and supporting grassroots action. The records...
Dates of Materials: 1963 - 2021

New Directions for Women Productions records

Identifier: SSC-MS-00564
Abstract Television production company. Collection consists of taped episodes of "New Directions for Women," a television series produced by Morris County, NJ Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), airing regular broadcasts on a broad range of topics related to women and feminism such as women's history, marriage, family and motherhood, women and employment, young women, education, aging women, violence against women. sexuality, gay and lesbian issues, abortion and reproductive rights,...
Dates of Materials: 1994-2005

Planned Parenthood Federation of America records group II (PPFA II)

Identifier: SSC-MS-00371a
Abstract The records of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America provide substantial information about the history of the birth control and family planning movement nationally and internationally. They are a significant source of information on all aspects of the history of birth control and family planning, including women's health issues; sex education; women in poverty; international population planning and policy; and the legal, political and social aspects of contraception and abortion....
Dates of Materials: 1912 - 1998; Majority of material found within 1950 - 1980